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Tropical Spiced Sunrise

Everyone loves a sunrise ... specifically the drink because let's be real, bar bitches aren't morning people. However, I have to say that your traditional vodka or tequila sunrise is certainly a bit basic. It's not a 'cocktail' by any stretch of the word but a simple mixed drink and I cringe when I see it listed as such on a menu. When you've been doing this long enough you earn the rights to be snobby about a few things.

So I decided to turn this basic drink into something we can actually celebrate as a cocktail, and just like Rhonda she's a hot and spicy sunrise.


30ml Spiced rum - like Captain Morgan

30ml Cinnamon Whiskey - like Fireball

60ml Orange Juice

60ml Pineapple juice

Grenadine - or a red cordial


  1. Add spirits and juices to a shaker and shake over ice.

  2. Strain into a tall glass over fresh ice - filled to the top.

  3. Pour grenadine slowly down the side of the glass to create a gradient effect - it should settle at the bottom.

The gradient effect is enough you don't need an extra garnish. If you desire pineapple or orange wheels would look great!

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