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The Old Fashioned

As the name suggests this classic cocktail has been around the block and back. Over the years the construct in measures has varied but the basic breakdown remained the same, sugar (personally I alway recommend brown sugar), bitters, water and rye whiskey or bourbon. So how does one make a classic new again?

Not looking to reinvent the wheel, it's a classic for a reason, but rather spice it up.

Different sugars and bitters will all create a different flavour, however it is important to understand the flavour notes in the liquor being used for a harmonious pallet. Seasoning or infusing the ice used can also play a dramatic influence on the final product.

Some of my favourite variations.

  1. Replace 1/2 amount of sugar with honey

  2. Using Orange bitters

  3. Season bourbon with Cola ice cubes

  4. Spice infused finishing cube - reserve 2-3 drops of water for cocktail mix

Try my Modern Man's Old Fashioned here.

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