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The Modern Man's Old Fashioned

Inspired by my husbands love of a bourbon and coke, I crafted this one just for him with a spicy twist.

Not being a bourbon drinker myself it can be tricky crafting drinks with a spirit you are unfamiliar with. This is why I like to take existing drinks with flavour combinations I already know work and see how I can twist them into something new. It helps to have a taste tester on standby though so I know when I've hit the money.

This one does require a little prep work but once ice cubes are thoroughly frozen we can make a drink!


1 teaspoon brown sugar

2 dashes Aromatic bitters

1/2 Tsp water

60ml Bourbon - Maker's Mark used for this one

5-6 frozen cola cubes (pre-prepared)

1 small chilli - sliced

Chilli infused finishing cube (pre-prepared)


  1. In an old fashioned glass muddle sugar, bitters and water until all sugar is dissolved and set aside

  2. In a shaker add cola ice cubes, chilli slices, and bourbon - stir for 20-30 seconds. The longer stirred for the more the cubes will melt into drink and provide a softer finish.

  3. In above prepared glass add chilli infused finishing cube

  4. Strain bourbon over ice, stir for 10 seconds or until just combined.

  5. ENJOY!

TIP: Chilli can be added or removed to preference by reducing amount of chilli added to shaker for stirring.

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