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Sour Aperol Spritz

I don't think there's a more famous summer drink than the Aperol Spritz, one sip and you're transported to the sunny beaches of the Italian coast. Now nothing says Aussie summer like an ice cold beer and with the craft beer industry booming here with no sign of slowing down I've taken it upon myself to fuse the two together. A slice of home with the temptation of travel.

For my recipe I switched out ice for an orange zooper dooper, the ultimate nostalgia taking over here. If you wanted to go without and use normal ice I would recomend adding 5-10ml of sugar syrup to ensure just a touch of sweetness.


  1. Add 1 orange flavoured zooper dooper to a wine glass - broken up as desired.

  2. Pour in 30ml of Aperol

  3. Top with Bricklane Brewing Someday Sour Blood Orange, Sour Beer.

  4. Gently Stir and garnish with and orange slice

Oh so simple, but perfectly fun and fresh!

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