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The first cocktail I was ever taught to make in school, possibly because it uses several techniques in one, or because it's simple and refreshing and appeals to everyone.

I love the versatility of a mojito, once you have the basic recipe down, the possibilities are endless. The simple flavours of mint and lime, pair well with just about any fruit.

Like most classic cocktails they have been done so many times before the recipe & method will vary slightly between bartenders, below is my recipe for a killer mojito.


60ml White Rum

15ml Simple syrup - I've used my Summertime Simple Syrup, recipe here

Teaspoon of brown sugar

1 lime cut into 8ths

Mint leaves



  1. To a shaker add 7 lime pieces, 4 large mint leaves, sugar and sugar syrup. Muddle until lime juice is released and sugar starts to dissolve.

  2. Add rum and a large scoop of ice.

  3. Shake vigoursly to combine until ice is broken up.

  4. Dump entire contents of shaker into a tall glass.

  5. Top with a few extra cubes of ice and soda.

  6. Garnish with remaining lime wedge and a mint sprig.

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