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Ice Ice Baby...

It's the main ingredient in almost any mixed drink, yet somehow the most overlooked.

There's a few different types of ice used in the cocktail so let me break it down for you. Basically I've made up some names for them along the way so here's a reference guide.

Finishing Ice - This large single ice cube is used in drinks like an old fashioned or negroni, used to keep short liquor heavy drinks chilled without over diluting. Different shaped cubes and added elements inside like herbs or small flowers add a garnish element here too.

Mixing Ice - Usually seasoned regular sized icecubes used in mixed drinks like a martini, liquor is mixed over this ice to add flavour to the drink but is not used in the final product.

Drinking Ice - pretty self explanatory but the ice that ends up in the final drink.

So let's make some fancy ice...

Getting creative with herb and fruit infused ice cubes is a really effective way to add a little extra to a simple mixed drink. Remember though as the ice melts whatever you've flavoured your ice with will mix into your drink, so choose wisely.

Below are some of my favourite infusions.

  • Cucumber and mint

  • Mixed Berries

  • Passionfruit

  • Rosemary

  • watermelon and lime

  • lemon and peppercorns

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