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Caramilk Martini

I didn't think there could be anything better than Cadbury's Caramilk. Honestly, it was a genius creation and it makes me mad it wasn't created sooner, not as mad at myself though when I think about how long it took me to think of making a caramilk cocktail. I've made a chocolate martini several times, so why it didn't occur to me sooner I don't know.

I really wanted to capture the white chocolate undertone and was desparate to avoid using baileys as it tends to be the first thing people think of in a creamy cocktail. I went with Mozart's white chocolate cream liqueur instead, I did consider a white creme de cacao but really wanted that creamy mouthfeel. It really works in this recipe, the other two would not have encompassed the correct pallet I was trying to achieve.

In my recipe I use a salted caramel vodka, I generally always have a caramel liquor (usually a vodka or tequila) in my collection, in a pinch this could be subbed to a plain vodka and additional caramel sauce or topping would work. It's good to note where possible alterations can be made with recipes as I understand the frustration of feeling like you need to buy 3 new spirits just to try a cocktail. However I doubt you'll regret having a caramel vodka around, it mixes great with XO patron for a cheeky shot too.

Before you start you want to prep your glasses and ganache. In a heat proof bowl melt 1/2 a block of caramilk chocolate - this prep enough for 2 cocktails. Once melted dip the rim of a coupe glass into the chocolate to create a choc drip rim, repeat for second glass. Add 100ml of thicken cream to bowl, reheat for 30 seconds and stir through to make ganache. Each cocktail will use 60ml of ganache.


30ml Mozart White chocolate cream liqueur

30ml Stolinchnya Salted Caramel Vodka

60ml Caramilk chocolate ganache


  1. Mix chocolate liqueur, vodka, and ganache in a shaker with ice. Shaking vigourously.

  2. Strain liquid from shaker into prepped glass.

  3. Enjoy!

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