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A Sloe Refresh

This treat was designed specifically for Husk Farm Distillery's Ink Sloe and Berry Gin. Like a traditional sloe gin, this baby sits at a lower alcohol percentage of 26%, making it the perfect all day drink! The gin is perfectly balanced with tart sloe berries and sweet red berries, this was something I wanted to enhance further when crafting this cocktail.


  1. To a shaker add 1/2 a large passionfruit and juice of 1/2 a large lemon - approximately 30ml of each. followed by 45ml of Ink Sloe and Berry Gin and 45ml of coconut water.

  2. Add ice and shake. Hard.

  3. Strain into a champagne glass and serve.

If you're one to prefer a few bubbles, add a dash of soda once served.

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